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Our Story

Thank you for taking a moment of your time to allow us to introduce kasper group Inc. a company truly dedicated to the solution of your property and maintenance needs. We are an owner operated family oriented co​mpany since 1989. The company was founded by Michael Kasper as a young boy mowing yards on the weekends and after school with his electric lawn mower. By the time he reached high school he was able to buy a truck, traditional equipment, and had two employees working as he went to high school. Over the past 20 years kasper group inc  has grown to a multi divisional company and has many employees including family members working for the company in which he has instilled a wealth of family tradition which makes it ideal for any customer to work with. He has truly built this company on a customer satisfaction basis making the customer his main priority. Therefore, by you chosing kasper group inc  to perform your landscaping needs you will be receiving good quality work supported by true family Values.

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